Find Automated Great Stock Trading Ideas and Research

Trade profitably using great Stock Trading ideas each trading day using Automated methods and using multiple buy strategies. Performance of these automated selections will be tracked.

Research and Analyze Stocks, Stock Screener, Rate your Portfolio

This is a Better Version of Yahoo Finance. Includes PEGY Ratios, "Are you Diversified?", Rate My Portfolio, Browse By Industry, and detailed views of companies including automatically generated Pros and Cons List. UPDATE APRIL 2017: Data Feed Frozen.

Artificially Intelligent Stock Swing Trader Robot

The Artificially Intelligent, Constantly Learning Robot observes over 700 points about the world, and creates its own rules to Swing Trade the 'SPY' ETF, which represents the S&P 500 US Company Index. The Buy Signals are created automatically by the AI Swing Trader Robot. UPDATE April 2017: Data Feed Frozen.

Split a Restaurant Bill Fairly (or evenly) easily.

Download the "Fair Bill Split" App for iOS. Apple iPhone and iPad supported.

Fair Bill Split App (for Apple iOS)

Babies Dying in Hot Cars: Low Tech Solutions (only after Personal Responsibility)

There have been many stories of babies dying in the backseat of hot cars, often forgotten by their parents when they leave the vehicle. Statistics show there have been 17 heat stroke deaths of children in 2014, and since 1998,

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