How to Create a Website, Easily. Web Hosting, Web Creation

These days, creating a website is easy, and you do not even need to know how to code.   Many software developers and companies have created products that allows the average user without HTML or coding knowledge to create websites easily.

Follow Along, From the Beginning: Let This Be Interactive

Here is your chance to follow along, from the very beginning. Whether or not this site grows, this site and Lab can teach all of us something. I hope this site and lab can be interactive, and I hope other people

How to Reserve Your Own Website Name

Do you want to reserve your own website name?  For example, a ‘’, or a ‘’? To do this, you have work with a company which manages those website names.  You pay these Domain Name Provider (Registrar) companies money to be able to

Follow Your Passion: But Financial Security and Physical Safety First

“Follow Your Passion” says the media and common popular culture.  It seems so simple: If you follow your passion in life, you will gain happiness and fulfillment. But life is not as simple as that saying. The first priority should

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