Here is your chance to follow along, from the very beginning.

Whether or not this site grows, this site and Lab can teach all of us something.

I hope this site and lab can be interactive, and I hope other people out there can comment, offer thoughts and ideas, and improved ways to do things.

I plan to offer some transparency and offer some behind the scenes commentary.   Some people may comment that this transparency may not seem very professional, but that is part of the mission of this site and Lab, to be able to break rules, to explore ideas, to create real products, to be able to discuss, and to be able to help each other and learn.   The future is wide open.

I invite you to follow along from the very beginning.   Please feel free to comment and even give some suggestions.

Current project:

Aside from blogging on this site, and working with others to create new content, this Lab is working on publishing its first Apple iOS iPhone and iPad App.    I am working with a graphic designer to create the Splash Screen for the App before the App can be published.   I can discuss some more in future blog entries.


Follow Along, From the Beginning: Let This Be Interactive

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