These days, creating a website is easy, and you do not even need to know how to code.   Many software developers and companies have created products that allows the average user without HTML or coding knowledge to create websites easily.

A. Figure out what kind of website you want.

The first step is to figure out what kind of website you want.  Do you want a simple website with a few static (non-changing) pages, photos and videos?  Do you want a simple website which allows you to blog, and post some static pages and media?  Or do you want to create a more fully interactive website, where you have people register, run queries, and perform other advanced operations including searching your own database?  Do you want to build it yourself, or hire someone else to build the website for you?

These are important things to consider, first.

B. Do you want your own domain name, or borrow a hosting companies domain name?

Do you want your own website name such as “”?  Or are you okay with borrowing a website name such as: “”, or “”, where is owned by Blogger and Google, and is owned by WordPress.  If you choose to ‘borrow’, or, do know that other websites share the same name such as: “” or “”.

If you do want your own second-level domain name such as, please follow instructions here on how to reserve your own website name: How to Reserve Your Own Website Name.

If you want to reserve your own “” name, signup using (owned by

If you want to reserve your own “” name, signup using

C. Where will your website be hosted?

These days, it is unlikely you will setup your own computer at home to be a web server,  and when the public accesses your website, the public will be accessing your own home personal web server.

More likely, you will hire a company to host your website for you.  This company will have their own computers and your website will be running on those servers.   Of course, since they are providing a service, you will likely be paying this company for the service.

If you do decide to use “” or “”, you do not need to find a separate web hosting company.   “” hosting is already done by for you.  “” hosting is already done by for you.

D. Choosing your website hosting company

If you plan to use your own second-level domain website name such as, you should consider having your website hosted by an external company (rather than using your own home computer to host your website).   Choose your hosting provider carefully.  They differ in prices, service offerings, website building software, quality of services, and so forth.

Do be aware that if you plan to save more data (hosted by that company), or if more of the public’s traffic access your website, you may be charged more.   Research your hosting company well.

E. Some common web hosting companies

Here are some web hosting companies.  Please research these companies (and others not listed) well.

1. HostPapa:

2. iPage:

3. JustHost:

4. Go Daddy:

5. BlueHost:


F. How to create basic website with blogging capability: Easy Method

If you want to create a basic website, with the ability to create static pages, and show photos and videos, and have some blogging capability, consider just using or   It’s easy, they have great templates and web building tools (without knowing how to code or use HTML), and you don’t need to subscribe to a Web Hosting Provider.

If you want the above functionality, but you want to use your own website name rather than, you can still do the following:

1. Signup for or

2. Reserve your own domain name.

3. Follow instructions on to redirect your “” or “” website to “”.

 G. How to create basic website with blogging capability: Hosted by Web Hosting Provider

If you want a basic website with basic pages, multimedia, and blogging capability, but you want your website to be hosted (and not by or, then you need to research, choose and signup with a Web Site Hosting Provider and Domain Name Provider.

Each Web Hosting Provider can provide different services.  Here are some options:

1. Use the Web Hosting Provider’s own Web Site Builder Software.

2. Some Web Host Providers provides software provided by ““, and you install this software on the hosted servers.  The “” software is virtually the same software used on the “” site.

3. Use some Mac or Windows PC software on your own computer, or develop your own web pages, and upload it to your Web Hosting Provider.

4. Hire someone or hire a company to create a website for you.   Sometimes, the Web Hosting Provider also offers you that special service.

H. Create a more advanced interactive website, with database access and advanced features

If you want to create your own website with more advanced features, which may include special access to a database, then this becomes more complicated.

Let’s say you want to create a site such as   You will need to know how to develop the sites yourself, or you can hire developers and companies out there to create these advanced websites.  The rates they charge will be more than the rates you pay workers to create a simple website with some blogging capability.




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