Do you want to reserve your own website name?  For example, a ‘’, or a ‘’?

To do this, you have work with a company which manages those website names.  You pay these Domain Name Provider (Registrar) companies money to be able to reserve those names for you for a certain amount of time.  You can choose to renew the rights to those names or not.

If someone else already has reserved the rights to the website name you want, there are ways to get that website name, including purchasing the rights of that name through a direct sale, or through an auction, for example.

Two popular and influential companies who manages website names are:

A. Network Solutions

B. Go Daddy

You should try to reserve one or more website names first, before setting up your website.

Usually, with Network Solutions or Go Daddy, you do not have to setup a website right away.  Most of the time, ‘Go Daddy’ or ‘Network Solutions’ would setup a temporary page for you until you create your own website.  This is called “Parking a Domain Name.”


How does Name Mapping work?

When a user opens a browser (such as IE Explorer or Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox) on a computer and types in the website name such as ““, the browser needs to know the IP Address of the destination server, such as, which represents, for example.   The browser uses a system called DNS (Domain Name Service) to be able to map the website name (including your own website name) to the IP Address.

This “” website explains this process in detail.


What about “”, or “”?

There are times you might see websites such as the ones mentioned above.   You do not have to go through Go Daddy or Network Solutions to reserve these names.  The “*” domain is owned by Google and   The “*” domain is owned by When you sign up for a blog or website using or, these sites take care of allocating and reserving the ‘third-level domain’ name, or the “ThirdLevelDomain” part of “”.

While you don’t have to go through Go Daddy or Network Solutions, you do have to reserve those ‘third-level domain’ blog names with or

How to Reserve Your Own Website Name

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