History will Repeat: Gold Rush then, Mobile App Prospecting Now. History says Profits Will Be In This Area

There are parallels between the Gold Rush in California in 1849, and the modern gold rush in Mobile Apps (Apple, and Android Apps). 1a. Gold was found in California in 1848, and when word got out, this started a California

Babies Dying in Hot Cars: Low Tech Solutions (only after Personal Responsibility)

There have been many stories of babies dying in the backseat of hot cars, often forgotten by their parents when they leave the vehicle. Statistics show there have been 17 heat stroke deaths of children in 2014, and since 1998,

Life and Business Lessons We Can Learn from Electro Violinist Lindsey Stirling

We can learn a lot from Electro Violinist and Internet Sensation Lindsey Stirling. Today, we know her as a popular dancing electro violinist, and her music video “Crystallize” has almost 100 million views on YouTube. But she wasn’t always this way.

Even Caltech Physicists Successfully Split the Bill? They should have used the “Fair Bill Split” App.

Splitting the Bill (fairly) is such a difficult task, that it is an accomplishment when Caltech Physicists successfully split the Bill. Here’s an article from The Onion (Satire site) regarding this amazing accomplishment. Maybe if they had the “Fair Bill

‘Fair Bill Split’ Application for Apple iOS iPhone and iPad Published by IdeaTechLabs

IdeaTechLabs has published the Free ‘Fair Bill Split’ Application for Apple iOS iPhone and iPad. Splitting a restaurant bill or check no longer has to be rocket science since IdeaTechLabs U.S.A. has published the Free ‘Fair Bill Split’ Application for Apple

First Experience Outsourcing Apple iOS Development using Elance: Mike Lemowitz

If you want to skip learning how to develop your own Mobile Apps, you can outsource development instead using services such as Elance.com or ODesk.com. Mike Lemowitz shares his experience creating his first iPhone App by outsourcing development using Elance.

Is it for the Money, the Learning, or a Creative Outlet? A Recommended Path.

After you’ve established financial security, you may find yourself giving yourself projects such as “Publishing an Apple iOS Mobile App.”   Why are you doing it?  What motivates you?   What do you prioritize? A. If you Prioritize the Money There should

High Quality Product, Feature Loaded or Minimal Viable Product?

When releasing a product, is it better to spend a lot of time creating a high quality product with a lot of features?  Or to quickly create a Minimal Viable Product (MVP)? There are those who would prefer creating a

Progress: Multiple Sub Projects in Parallel

Progress Report: I am working on many sub projects in parallel: A. First iOS Apple iPhone/iPad Application Submitted: Waiting for Review I have submitted the first Apple iOS iPhone/iPad App to the Apple Store.  It is in “Waiting for Review”

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