If you want to skip learning how to develop your own Mobile Apps, you can outsource development instead using services such as Elance.com or ODesk.com.

Mike Lemowitz shares his experience creating his first iPhone App by outsourcing development using Elance.

To understand the scope of the project, Mr. Lemowitz wanted to create a simple App.    The app would allow children to write Santa and allow them to list all the good deeds they’ve done.  They could share this on social media.   There is also the capability to keep track of chores.

The App is called SantaDispatch: http://www.santadispatch.com/

The rough cost of outsourced development was $800 over a two week period.  Not bad, but it is a simple app.  The graphics and design are great in the simple App.

Here is Mike Lemowitz’s full experience outsourcing development on his first iPhone App.

Here is an interesting reddit discussion on Mike Lemowitz article.

I find it interesting that Mr. Lemowitz after going through this process wants to learn how to develop his own iPhone Apps.  I find this a good sign and that I am heading in the right direction.

My first iPhone/iPad App (that I developed myself) is still in Apple Store Waiting for Review stage.   I’ve learned a lot developing my first iPhone/iPad App, but I know I can keep learning, and creating.  There’s so much more that still can be learned and created.





First Experience Outsourcing Apple iOS Development using Elance: Mike Lemowitz
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