There are parallels between the Gold Rush in California in 1849, and the modern gold rush in Mobile Apps (Apple, and Android Apps).

1a. Gold was found in California in 1848, and when word got out, this started a California Gold Rush in 1849.  There was gold which could be picked up on the surface back then.

1b. When Apple iPhone first came out and when they started the Apple iOS Store in 2008, there was money which could be made developing and selling Mobile Apps, and there wasn’t much competition.  In October 2008, there were only 7,500 available apps, and 200 million downloads to date.


2a. The California population boomed as people from all over, including Chinese workers, tried to strike it rich.  Many men already in California abandoned their jobs/trades to get rich quick.

2b. In the modern era, many people have tried to get rich quick by creating Mobile Apps.  Many have tried to get Venture Capital Funding, and some have quit their day jobs, or changed careers just to try to make it rich.


3a. In the California Gold Rush, individual prospectors and small companies didn’t really prosper from gold mining.   Most of the profits in gold was made by the larger companies who used Hydraulic and Quartz mining instead of the Placer Mining methods used by individual prospectors.

3b. In the modern Mobile App economy, more than 50% of the revenue goes to only 25 developers.  More than 80% of game apps do not make enough money to create a sustainable business.


4a. In the California Gold Rush, besides the large companies profiting (and the small individual prospectors not prospering), the ones who benefited greatly were those businesses who provided services to the prospectors including restaurant owners, saloons, and those who provided tools such as pick-axes.

4b. If history repeats itself, then in the modern mobile app space, the ones who will profit are the large companies, while the small individual developers will not prosper.  Also, the money to be made will also likely be in the services people provide to the modern mobile app prospectors.




History will Repeat: Gold Rush then, Mobile App Prospecting Now. History says Profits Will Be In This Area
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