Progress Report:

I am working on many sub projects in parallel:

A. First iOS Apple iPhone/iPad Application Submitted: Waiting for Review

I have submitted the first Apple iOS iPhone/iPad App to the Apple Store.  It is in “Waiting for Review” state.

There’s a website which estimates the average waiting time for the review of iOS Apps or Mac OS Apps:

Currently, it takes around six days for an iOS App to be reviewed.

The App could be accepted by Apple, or Apple can reject it for certain reasons.  The developer can then fix the problems and resubmit the App.

B. Continued Blogging

Blogging continues.

C. Continued Learning

I’m continuing to learn.  I am currently reading a very good Process and Business book.  I plan to write about parts of the book.  There are many good thoughts and stories in that book.

I’m also continuing to learn and read, including reading articles on the net.

I also have a second book to read, this time, a technical book, after I finish the business book.

D.  Working on the start of a series of articles

I want to start a special series of articles.   I have interviewed someone, and I recruited someone else to write the articles.

E.  Exploring development outsourcing

I am going to inquire and look into development outsourcing.  I’m not sure that this may be the way to go, but I can look into it.

F. Future projects

I have many other future projects in mind, and I have a few that I think I can make happen.  However, since these are still in the future, I don’t have to spend too much time on it right now.  I’ll work on it when I get to it.   I should complete the other tasks above, first.


Progress: Multiple Sub Projects in Parallel

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