There are many good techniques when it comes to learning.  Some may read books.  Some may attend classes.  However, even after reading the material or studying the material, the student often forgets many things that were learned, and learning is not properly reinforced.

A secret to learning or self-learning is for the student to give themselves a personal project and build a product.

Let us say that a student has some programming experience, but wants to learn how to make mobile apps such as Apple iOS iPhone or iPad apps.   The student can take classes or teach themselves, but soon after, forgets much of the material.

What the student should do is give himself or herself a personal project, and create a real product to publish.   For example, the one who is learning should try to make a real product and publish it in the Apple Store, even if this first App is not an extremely complex App.

Giving self a product to create  does several things:

1. It reinforces what was learned.

2. Student learns new things that was not taught in class and gains great experience.

3. Student learns many other skills and gains experience in new areas, areas needed to complete the process including having a product vision, and how to deal with user experience (UX), quality, graphic design, marketing a product and many other areas.

4. After creating the product or publishing the App, the student could potentially have a profitable situation and maybe learn more about marketing and sales, and the student learns if there is a market for the product.

5. Student learns new marketable and valuable skills.

Continue Creating Products:

After this, the one who is learning can continue giving himself or herself new projects, teaching himself or herself  a new aspect that was not previously practiced, and the student continues to learn.

And if that student wants to build his or her resume, publishing products such as Apple iOS Apps are good ways to prove competence, without having to earn a new degree or any new certification.

This is a good way to continue moving forward.


Secret to Self Learning: Build a Product
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