The golden age of tech creation has begin. It is easier than ever to create and distribute end-to-end technology based products that end users can use.

During the innovation stage in the era of personal computers (think of the early Apple computers and IBM PC computers), computers were expensive, and there wasn’t that much knowledge or software around. It took a lot of effort to create software, and it was difficult to distribute it to the world.

Today, computers and smart phones are everywhere, the internet is very stable. And after many years of technology development, there are many services and libraries to help people create tech products, and it is easier than ever to distribute this software to people. For example, individuals can create their own Apple iPhone Application and distribute it to the whole world. Or someone can create a web page and anyone in the world can access that functionality through the internet.

Some examples of services and tools to help anyone create end-to-end technology based products:

1. Web Hosting Services:

Anyone can subscribe to a Web Hosting Service and create their own web page. The page can be a simple page, a page which hosts blog entries, or even, a fully functional web page with a lot of functionality.

2. Web Page Creation and Ready made Blogging Software

As a subscriber to a Web Hosting Service (such as or,  you can either custom create your own pages using HTML, php, and other tools, or you can just install ready made blogging software including software from With tools and themes from blogging and web site creation software such as, you can easily create a great looking, functional website without having to know much about technology, or even how to write HTML web page documents.

You can even install ready made software to create your own Classified Ads Web Page.

3. Databases and Data Store

Web Hosting Services can also allow you to store special data. For example, if you want to create a web page where people enter special information that can be entered, searched, modified, and deleted, you can create a web page with access to a backend database, such as MySQL.

4. Amazon Web Services and Cloud Computing

You also have provide Amazon Web Services which provides a suite of tools that help people create more functionality with less effort.

Your creation can also scale better. Before, if you have more and more users use your single computer system hosting your web page, you would need to add more servers and resources. With Amazon Web Services and other Web Services, you let them take care of managing the host machines, in exchange for your payments.

Amazon Web Services can offer global compute, storage, database, analytics, application, and deployment services.

5. Open Source Projects such as Hadoop for Big Data

If you have any Big Data project, you can use ready made Open Source Projects including the Hadoop infrastructure, or find a Web Services Provider which manages the Hadoop infrastructure for you.

6. Creating Mobile Games without much coding.

Creating mobile games (as an example) that can work on Android or Apple iOS products can be difficult to create from scratch. A developer can use libraries such as Cocos 2D, but it still requires development skills.

That’s why there are companies out there, such as GameSalad, which allows individuals to create Mobile games without much development and coding experience.


There are so many more tools and resources out there.

And since technology is a growth field, it will become easier to create and distribute end-to-end tech products with less effort. The future of technology and technology creation is bright!



Golden Age: Create and Distribute Technology Products with Less Effort
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