Golden Age: Create and Distribute Technology Products with Less Effort

The golden age of tech creation has begin. It is easier than ever to create and distribute end-to-end technology based products that end users can use. During the innovation stage in the era of personal computers (think of the early

Create your own Classifieds Web Page with a Web Hosting Account

Subscribing and opening a Web Hosting Account (for example: IPage, FatCow,,, and is more useful than you think.  Most people use Web Hosting Accounts to create basic info web pages, and to create blogs easily. But Web

Technology and Software Fields: High Growth and Better Salaries

People should seriously consider taking a STEM Degree, or a Degree in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  Not only do these fields have higher growth, but the salaries are more lucrative than those with non-STEM degrees. One particular sub-field of

History will Repeat: Gold Rush then, Mobile App Prospecting Now. History says Profits Will Be In This Area

There are parallels between the Gold Rush in California in 1849, and the modern gold rush in Mobile Apps (Apple, and Android Apps). 1a. Gold was found in California in 1848, and when word got out, this started a California

Life and Business Lessons We Can Learn from Electro Violinist Lindsey Stirling

We can learn a lot from Electro Violinist and Internet Sensation Lindsey Stirling. Today, we know her as a popular dancing electro violinist, and her music video “Crystallize” has almost 100 million views on YouTube. But she wasn’t always this way.

Is it for the Money, the Learning, or a Creative Outlet? A Recommended Path.

After you’ve established financial security, you may find yourself giving yourself projects such as “Publishing an Apple iOS Mobile App.”   Why are you doing it?  What motivates you?   What do you prioritize? A. If you Prioritize the Money There should

Secret to Self Learning: Build a Product

There are many good techniques when it comes to learning.  Some may read books.  Some may attend classes.  However, even after reading the material or studying the material, the student often forgets many things that were learned, and learning is

Follow Along, From the Beginning: Let This Be Interactive

Here is your chance to follow along, from the very beginning. Whether or not this site grows, this site and Lab can teach all of us something. I hope this site and lab can be interactive, and I hope other people

Follow Your Passion: But Financial Security and Physical Safety First

“Follow Your Passion” says the media and common popular culture.  It seems so simple: If you follow your passion in life, you will gain happiness and fulfillment. But life is not as simple as that saying. The first priority should

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