Golden Age: Create and Distribute Technology Products with Less Effort

The golden age of tech creation has begin. It is easier than ever to create and distribute end-to-end technology based products that end users can use. During the innovation stage in the era of personal computers (think of the early

Create your own Classifieds Web Page with a Web Hosting Account

Subscribing and opening a Web Hosting Account (for example: IPage, FatCow,,, and is more useful than you think.  Most people use Web Hosting Accounts to create basic info web pages, and to create blogs easily. But Web

Apps400 Website Reviews Fair Bill Split App: Worth Having Application

The website has reviewed the Fair Bill Split iPhone / iPad Application. “Fair Bill Split –  Justice on the Table”  

Even Caltech Physicists Successfully Split the Bill? They should have used the “Fair Bill Split” App.

Splitting the Bill (fairly) is such a difficult task, that it is an accomplishment when Caltech Physicists successfully split the Bill. Here’s an article from The Onion (Satire site) regarding this amazing accomplishment. Maybe if they had the “Fair Bill

‘Fair Bill Split’ Application for Apple iOS iPhone and iPad Published by IdeaTechLabs

IdeaTechLabs has published the Free ‘Fair Bill Split’ Application for Apple iOS iPhone and iPad. Splitting a restaurant bill or check no longer has to be rocket science since IdeaTechLabs U.S.A. has published the Free ‘Fair Bill Split’ Application for Apple

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