Products and Experiments of Idea Tech Labs will be listed here including the “Fair Bill Split” Apple iOS Application.


I. Products of IdeaTechLabs U.S.A.

A. Apple iOS iPhone/iPad Applications:

1. Fair Bill Split:  AppIcon76x76@2x[1]

If Splitting a Restaurant Bill Fairly (or evenly) feels like Rocket Science, then this ‘Fair Bill Split’ App (for iPhone or iPad) is for you. You have the option to split a bill evenly, or itemize each bill item to one or more people in the party. You can customize it to the situation.

You can enter the bill items manually, or photograph your receipt, and use a separate OCR App to convert the photo to text, and paste the text in the ‘Fair Bill Split’ App.



 II. Partner Products:

A. Apple iOS iPhone/iPad Applications:


B. Google Android Products

1. Wine Fog

WineFogWine Fog is a wine journal, helping you keep track of the wines you drink and discover new wines you might love.

With Wine Fog you can:
– Keep track of all the wines you drink, whether at home or out with friends.
– Manage your wine collection at home.
– Discover new wines that you might love.

Wine Fog is completely free, built on a community of wine lovers that enjoy sharing their discoveries.


2. Mileage Tracker

Keep your car healthy by monitoring it’s performance for free with Mileage Tracker!Mileage Tracker

Simply check in every time you get gas and Mileage Tracker will let you know about upcoming maintenance such as oil changes, tire changes and whether you might have problems that require a trip to the mechanic’s.

You can also configure your own alerts if you know what you expect from your car!

Mileage Tracker is based on a database of over 16,000 car models and their reference performance characteristics, ensuring that your car performs at the level it should. Includes all major brands including Ford, GM, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, BMW, Subaru and many more. You can track performance in miles per gallon OR liters per kilometer based on your preferences.



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