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If Splitting a Restaurant Bill Fairly (or evenly) feels like Rocket Science, then this ‘Fair Bill Split’ App (for iPhone or iPad) is for you. You have the option to split a bill evenly, or itemize each bill item to one or more people in the party. You can customize it to the situation.

You can enter the bill items manually, or photograph your receipt, and use a separate OCR App to convert the photo to text, and paste the text in the ‘Fair Bill Split’ App.

Here is the main Itemize Window on an Apple iPad after entering all the proper information:

Each column represents a person in the party.screenshot_iPad_01_posted

The top section contains all the totals including the total bill, the total tax amount, and the total tip and gratuity.   In the box underneath each ‘Name’, you will see the per-person amount.

Beside the “Sub Total” label, there is an (Itemized) “So Far” label with a total dollar amount beside it.   It initially starts at $0.   As more of the bill items are accounted for, this “So Far” label amount increases.  Once all items have been itemized, the ”So Far” amount should match or slightly exceed the “Sub Total” amount.  This is a great way to figure out whether all bill items have been allocated.

The blue labels in the bottom section represents a bill item.

Underneath each bill item is a row of the names of people in the party.   Initially, all members of the party are greyed out, and the amount underneath each name in the bill item is zero.   You can press one or more of the names to allocate that bill item to one or more of the people in the party.

For example, pressing the “Michael” button in the bill item section representing “Clam Chowder” selects “Michael”, and you see the grey “Michael” button turn green, and the amount of the bill item is now shown underneath the “Michael” button.

In the example in the Apple iPad screenshot, you can also choose two or more people to a bill item.   In the “Calamari” section, pressing the “Kim” and “Angela” buttons shows the total “Calamari” bill amount of $10.95 split between Kim and Angela.   In this case, Kim’s share of the Calamari is $5.48, and Angela’s share is $5.47.   Because of the way things are divided, it’s possible that some of the people in the party can pay slightly more (such as $.01 more per item).

Simple Main Screen:

iPhone Main ScreenThe Main Screen is shown to the right.

The “Split Bill Evenly” feature allows a complex bill to be split evenly among one or more people in the party.

The “Itemize Bill: Manual Entry” allows the user to enter the Bill Items and after entering the information, the user can see the final “Itemize” screen.

The “Itemize Bill: Paste Receipt” allows the user to paste the text of a receipt.   This “text” could be created by photographing the receipt, and then using a separate OCR Photo-to-Text application to convert the photograph to text.   And this text can be copied into the area in the “Fair Bill Split” App, in the “Itemize Bill: Paste Receipt” window.   After pressing “Done”, the user can see the final “Itemize” screen.


Split Bill Evenly Feature:

Split Bill Evenly iPhone ScreenIf you want to keep things simple, you can use the “Split Bill Evenly” feature of “Fair Bill Split.”








These are the “Itemize Bill: Manual Entry”, “Itemize Bill: Paste Receipt”, and “Help” screens:

screenshot_iPhone_03_crop_2  screenshot_iPhone_05_crop_2  screenshot_iPhone_02_crop_2

More Details on “Fair Bill Split” in the Apple ITunes Store:





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