Apps400 Website Reviews Fair Bill Split App: Worth Having Application

The website has reviewed the Fair Bill Split iPhone / iPad Application. “Fair Bill Split –  Justice on the Table”  

‘Fair Bill Split’ Application for Apple iOS iPhone and iPad Published by IdeaTechLabs

IdeaTechLabs has published the Free ‘Fair Bill Split’ Application for Apple iOS iPhone and iPad. Splitting a restaurant bill or check no longer has to be rocket science since IdeaTechLabs U.S.A. has published the Free ‘Fair Bill Split’ Application for Apple

First Experience Outsourcing Apple iOS Development using Elance: Mike Lemowitz

If you want to skip learning how to develop your own Mobile Apps, you can outsource development instead using services such as or Mike Lemowitz shares his experience creating his first iPhone App by outsourcing development using Elance.

Secret to Self Learning: Build a Product

There are many good techniques when it comes to learning.  Some may read books.  Some may attend classes.  However, even after reading the material or studying the material, the student often forgets many things that were learned, and learning is

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