Introducing, the place for great Automated Stock Trading Ideas and Research.

Introducing , the website for great Automated Stock Trading Ideas and Research. After each trading day, will select a number of potential Stock (investment or) Trade ideas, based on multiple Buy Strategies such as stocks which go above the 52 Week High on above average volume. More strategies can be added in the future, including artificial intelligent, machine learning buy strategies.

The simulated stock selections will be sold around the 60th day.

The performance of each selection will be tracked by

New ideas and web pages available around 8:00 pm Pacific Time after each trading day.

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What about an Artificially Intelligent Stock Swing Trader?

Traditionally, human swing traders observe the world and make trades based on the rules, intuition, experience, and possibly emotion.

But is there a way to automate it so trading performance can be maximized, and even busy professionals (who can only trade after hours) can swing trade?

Yes, there is a way to do that: does just that. is an Artificially Intelligent Stock Swing Trader and the Robot continuously learns. Initially, the uses the SPY Exchange Traded Fund which represents the U.S. S&P 500 index.

Instead of hard-coded rules, the Human Creator teaches the AITraderBot about the World, and the AITraderBot creates its own rules based on its observations about the world.

You may visit for more details.

Introducing Search and Analyze Stocks and Investment Ideas would like to introduce: allows people to search for and analyze stocks, investments and investment ideas.

There are many features including:

1. Stock Screener

Find and search for stocks using filters such as PEG-Y Ratios, Yield, Above Average Volume, Forward PE, Yield and Percentage above 50 Day Moving Average. Once the list of stocks is shown, you can even sub-sort each column.There will be an option to select a particular stock and see the details of the stock including a dynamically generated Pros and Cons list.

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2. Rate My Portfolio (Are You Diversified?)

Enter several stock tickers, and this feature will summarize your stock portfolio, display the averages of the chosen stocks including average PE ratio, compares the averages to the stock universe, and the feature will even tell you what kind of diversification you have (Sector, International, and Capitalization Diversification).
There is also an option to select a particular stock in the portfolio and discover more details about the stock including a dynamically created Pros and Cons list for the stock.
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3. Browse by Industry

Browse the more than 200 Industries and discover the averages of each Industry including the average Price to Book Ratio, the average 52 Week Outperformance against the S&P 500 and many other stats.
Selecting the particular Industry will show a list of the stocks in the stock universe, including some stats on each. Each column can be sub-sorted.
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4. Daily View

What is Happening in the Stock Market Today?
This Page will be updated at regular intervals during the business day and show a summary of the day’s activity including statistics on market action including how many advancers and decliners there are, and how many stocks are over the 50 Day and 200 Day Moving Averages. There will also be other statistics including daily returns by PE Ratio, or daily returns by geographic region. There are also saved lists of stocks including the Daily Winners, the Daily Losers, Stocks which have exceeded the 52 Week High or 52 Week Low or stocks with Above Average Volume.
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5. Daily News

Recent Stock Market, Financial and Investment News from the more popular financial news outlets.
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6. Search for Ticker by Keyword or Ticker Symbol

Search for a Stock Ticker by using a keyword search, or, see a more detailed view of a stock by entering the exact stock ticker symbol.
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7. Detailed Stock Views: Including generated Pros and Cons List:

View a detailed, unique, and opinionated view of a particular stock.Special features includes an automatically generated Pros and Cons list of the stock, color coding (anything bold could mean something special, something green means something good, and red means something not good), commentary on the different stock metrics, comparisons to the stock universe, and many more options. There are even unique metrics such as the PEGY Ratio (PE Ratio / (Growth + Yield)), and Revenue per employee statistics.

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8. Blog Posts and Alerts

There should be Blog Posts, Articles, Alerts, and work by Gordon, who has a mind of its own.
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Golden Age: Create and Distribute Technology Products with Less Effort

The golden age of tech creation has begin. It is easier than ever to create and distribute end-to-end technology based products that end users can use.

During the innovation stage in the era of personal computers (think of the early Apple computers and IBM PC computers), computers were expensive, and there wasn’t that much knowledge or software around. It took a lot of effort to create software, and it was difficult to distribute it to the world.

Today, computers and smart phones are everywhere, the internet is very stable. And after many years of technology development, there are many services and libraries to help people create tech products, and it is easier than ever to distribute this software to people. For example, individuals can create their own Apple iPhone Application and distribute it to the whole world. Or someone can create a web page and anyone in the world can access that functionality through the internet.

Some examples of services and tools to help anyone create end-to-end technology based products:

1. Web Hosting Services:

Anyone can subscribe to a Web Hosting Service and create their own web page. The page can be a simple page, a page which hosts blog entries, or even, a fully functional web page with a lot of functionality.

2. Web Page Creation and Ready made Blogging Software

As a subscriber to a Web Hosting Service (such as or,  you can either custom create your own pages using HTML, php, and other tools, or you can just install ready made blogging software including software from With tools and themes from blogging and web site creation software such as, you can easily create a great looking, functional website without having to know much about technology, or even how to write HTML web page documents.

You can even install ready made software to create your own Classified Ads Web Page.

3. Databases and Data Store

Web Hosting Services can also allow you to store special data. For example, if you want to create a web page where people enter special information that can be entered, searched, modified, and deleted, you can create a web page with access to a backend database, such as MySQL.

4. Amazon Web Services and Cloud Computing

You also have provide Amazon Web Services which provides a suite of tools that help people create more functionality with less effort.

Your creation can also scale better. Before, if you have more and more users use your single computer system hosting your web page, you would need to add more servers and resources. With Amazon Web Services and other Web Services, you let them take care of managing the host machines, in exchange for your payments.

Amazon Web Services can offer global compute, storage, database, analytics, application, and deployment services.

5. Open Source Projects such as Hadoop for Big Data

If you have any Big Data project, you can use ready made Open Source Projects including the Hadoop infrastructure, or find a Web Services Provider which manages the Hadoop infrastructure for you.

6. Creating Mobile Games without much coding.

Creating mobile games (as an example) that can work on Android or Apple iOS products can be difficult to create from scratch. A developer can use libraries such as Cocos 2D, but it still requires development skills.

That’s why there are companies out there, such as GameSalad, which allows individuals to create Mobile games without much development and coding experience.


There are so many more tools and resources out there.

And since technology is a growth field, it will become easier to create and distribute end-to-end tech products with less effort. The future of technology and technology creation is bright!



Create your own Classifieds Web Page with a Web Hosting Account

Subscribing and opening a Web Hosting Account (for example: IPage, FatCow,,, and is more useful than you think.  Most people use Web Hosting Accounts to create basic info web pages, and to create blogs easily. But Web Hosting accounts provides more than that.

With a Web Hosting Account, you can likely create a Classifieds Web Page easily.

Depending on what your Web Hosting Provider offers, you may be able to install a free (or paid) Classified Script system. You just install the software and configure, and you can implement your own Classifieds system.

Two examples of Customizable Classified Systems:

1. Open Classifieds

2. Noah’s Classifieds

You can research and ask your service provider if they support any of the Classified systems.



Technology and Software Fields: High Growth and Better Salaries

People should seriously consider taking a STEM Degree, or a Degree in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  Not only do these fields have higher growth, but the salaries are more lucrative than those with non-STEM degrees.

One particular sub-field of STEM is Computer Science, a Degree which helps students become Software Engineers.

The average starting salary of those with Bachelor Degrees in 2014 is around $61,000.

The early career salary of those with Bachelor Degrees in Computer Science from Stanford and U.C. Berkeley is around $95,000.

For other top schools, and early and mid career salaries, read this article, with data from


Apps400 Website Reviews Fair Bill Split App: Worth Having Application

The website has reviewed the Fair Bill Split iPhone / iPad Application.

“Fair Bill Split –  Justice on the Table”


History will Repeat: Gold Rush then, Mobile App Prospecting Now. History says Profits Will Be In This Area

There are parallels between the Gold Rush in California in 1849, and the modern gold rush in Mobile Apps (Apple, and Android Apps).

1a. Gold was found in California in 1848, and when word got out, this started a California Gold Rush in 1849.  There was gold which could be picked up on the surface back then.

1b. When Apple iPhone first came out and when they started the Apple iOS Store in 2008, there was money which could be made developing and selling Mobile Apps, and there wasn’t much competition.  In October 2008, there were only 7,500 available apps, and 200 million downloads to date.


2a. The California population boomed as people from all over, including Chinese workers, tried to strike it rich.  Many men already in California abandoned their jobs/trades to get rich quick.

2b. In the modern era, many people have tried to get rich quick by creating Mobile Apps.  Many have tried to get Venture Capital Funding, and some have quit their day jobs, or changed careers just to try to make it rich.


3a. In the California Gold Rush, individual prospectors and small companies didn’t really prosper from gold mining.   Most of the profits in gold was made by the larger companies who used Hydraulic and Quartz mining instead of the Placer Mining methods used by individual prospectors.

3b. In the modern Mobile App economy, more than 50% of the revenue goes to only 25 developers.  More than 80% of game apps do not make enough money to create a sustainable business.


4a. In the California Gold Rush, besides the large companies profiting (and the small individual prospectors not prospering), the ones who benefited greatly were those businesses who provided services to the prospectors including restaurant owners, saloons, and those who provided tools such as pick-axes.

4b. If history repeats itself, then in the modern mobile app space, the ones who will profit are the large companies, while the small individual developers will not prosper.  Also, the money to be made will also likely be in the services people provide to the modern mobile app prospectors.




Babies Dying in Hot Cars: Low Tech Solutions (only after Personal Responsibility)

There have been many stories of babies dying in the backseat of hot cars, often forgotten by their parents when they leave the vehicle.

Statistics show there have been 17 heat stroke deaths of children in 2014, and since 1998, there have been an average of 38 U.S. child heat stroke fatalities per year.

Aside from Personal Responsibility (which should come first), are there any ways to reduce the odds of this happening?

Yes there are ways to help reduce the odds of this from happening, even very low tech ways:

1. Place the cell phone in the backseat, near the child seat when you place a baby in the car seat.

This has several effects.

Often, parents can be distracted by phones as they exit the vehicle.  Since the mobile phone is in the backseat near the baby, the parent doesn’t have that distraction and is forced to go to the backseat and remember that there is a baby there.

This also has a nice side effect or reducing the temptation to text and drive.

If hands free communication is needed, the mobile phone can still be in the backseat, and the hands free system can still be used.

2. Place the house keys, garage door opener, and wallet in the back seat when you place a baby in the car seat.

Again, if you go home and try to open the house door or use garage door opener, you won’t be able to, because the house keys are in the backseat with the baby.  You are forced to look in the backseat.  The same thing with a wallet.   You may have to use your wallet (identification, money, or credit cards), and when you find out you can’t, then you remember that there is a baby in the backseat.

3. Place your left shoe in the back seat when you place a baby in the car seat.

This idea seems strange but it can work.  Especially if you drive an automatic transmission car, you can use your extra shoe (such as the left shoe in America) and place it in the back seat when you place a baby in the car seat.   When you exit the vehicle, it is obvious that you have no left shoe, and you

4. Andrew Pelham’s Rubber Band Strap Idea

Or, you can use the invention of twelve-year-old Andrew Pelham.  His invention is a brightly colored strap you attach to the door and to the car seat.  When you open the door, you are reminded that you have a baby in the backseat.


Save the lives of children

I hope these low tech solutions can save the lives of children!   The first two solutions are likely the easiest solutions to implement.  You can even put a sign on the car seat to remind you to deposit your wallet, cell phone, and house keys in a pouch by the car seat when you put a baby in the car seat.

But again, Personal Responsibility comes first.   These low-tech solutions are backup plans just in case Personal Responsibility fails.






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